Emergency Services

The Emergency Services Department is funded through three separate funding sources: Community Services Block Grant (CSBG), United Way (UW) and Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP). All funding is subject to availability and all applicants must meet certain eligibility guidelines to qualify.

Available funds are allocated to assist in these certain areas: Rental assistance, Food Vouchers, Water disconnects, Prescription vouchers, Transportation assistance, Hygiene Products and Cleaning Supplies.

To be eligible, applicants must be at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines and must not have received assistance for the particular area of need within a reasonable time period as determined by CSBG Staff. All funds are based on eligibility and are administered on a case-by-case basis.

Emergency Service Client Requirement Form


To process your application for Emergency Service assistance, you must have written proof of the following information at the time of your appointment. If someone who is not in the household is coming in for you, you must include Power of Attorney papers or a signed, notarized statement giving that person permission, this note also must be currently dated.


You must bring in social security cards for all household members or a legal document showing the full social security numbers. (Example: Job & Family Service Case printout, income tax return, social security print-out, medical or school records, etc.) If any household member is not a US citizen, you must provide legal proof of status.


You must bring in proof of citizenship for all household members. (Example: Social Security Cards, Birth Certificates, Hospital Birth Records, Baptismal Records, Indian Census Record, Military Service Record, US Passport, Verified Citizenship for OWF Program, Voter Registration Cards.)


Proof of all income for every household member 18 or older from the date you come in 90 days back.

The following is considered income:

Wages: This includes every pay stub showing pay date, gross amount & dedications. No pay stubs can be missing.

Social Security/SSI/SSDI: This can be your current yearly award letter or a current bank statement. If you pay supplemental health insurance, please bring written proof of the monthly premiums. –Please Note: if you get a raise in your social security you will be required to show the previous year & the current monthly amounts.

Child Support, Unemployment, Utility Allowance, Pensions, TANF/OWF, Alimony.

Self-Employment: If you are self-employed, you must bring in a detailed statement showing the business name, gross income, business deductions and net profit each month. –Please Note: Any business deductions you are claiming you must have written proof. (Examples: cancelled checks or receipts)

Other Income: If you are paid by someone to do odd jobs, you must bring in a notarized, detailed statement showing dates, what work you preformed and the amounts paid to you. This statements must have the name, address, & phone number of the person paying you to do the odd jobs.

Deductions: 90 days back from the date of your appointment. We can deduct for child support, medical, dental, eye, or supplementary heath insurance.

Income Note:

-If you are an unmarried couple and/or if someone in your household 18 or older does not have income, you must bring in your Job & Family Service case print-out showing every household member.

-If a household member is 18 or older and attending high school or college, you must bring in proof of school enrollment.


You must bring in a notarized statement from any individual who is providing financial assistance showing the dates, their name, address, phone number and signature. This needs to be detailed showing every cash amount given to you or paid directly towards your monthly household & personal expenses. In addition you must bring in your Job and Family Service case print-out showing all household members.

Rental Assistance:

  • You will need to bring in a signed letter from your landlord stating: amount owed, your name, monthly rental amount, and the month that payment is owed. This statement must also include the landlords name, address and phone number.
  • Current Lease/Rental Agreement
  • First Month Rent Assistance- The deposit must be paid before we can help, proof of this must be provided at the time of your appointment.

Water Assistance:

  • Disconnect Notice
  • Breakdown of charges from the water department (Steubenville Only)
  • 1 year payment history

Food Voucher:

  • Job & Family Service case print-out showing all household members and current monthly food stamp benefit.
  • Your food stamp card


  • Print-out of the prescription from pharmacy showing how much the customer is to pay.

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