Mission Statement

Operating under the guidelines of the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act, OhioMeansJobs was created for Jefferson County businesses and citizens in order to provide a single system that offers an array of employment, education and training programs and partners’ services. The goal of OhioMeansJobs Jefferson County is twofold:

  • Coordinate programs and resources in Jefferson County so individuals have easy access to a seamless system of workforce innovation & Opportunity Act services that will enhance their long-term employability.
  • Access for businesses to employment and training information that will meet their workforce and developmental needs.

OhioMeansJobs Jefferson County is a combined effort of the following groups . . .
(by clicking on the groups underlined you can be linked directly to their websites)

  • Jefferson County Commissioners
    Provides county leadership
    Fax: 740.283.8599
  • Jefferson County Community Action Council, Inc.
    Designed as the One Stop Operator for Jefferson County. Provides Adult, Dislocated Worker and Youth Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act services for Jefferson County Department of Job and Family Services.
    740.282.0971 or 888.272.5437
    Fax: 740.282.8361
  • Jefferson County Department of Job and Family Service
    Provides the Ohio Works First Program, Food Stamps, Children Services, Child Support, Medicaid, Transportation and Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act services.
  • Ohio Department of Job and Family Services
    Unemployment compensation
    claim services
    TTY: 1.888.642.8203
  • Eastern Gateway Community College (Aspire)
    Provides the Adult Basic and Literacy Education Program which offers educational opportunities for adults who lack the basic skills needed for effective citizenship, further education and productive employment
    740.264.5591 or 1.800.682.6553
  • Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities
    Provides vocational evaluation, diagnostic testing, medical treatment, job training and placement services, and employment and training opportunities for disabled persons
    TTY: 1.800.282.4536 (Ohio Only) or 614.438.1200
  • Veteran’s Program
    Provides employment and training assistance to Veterans
    740.282.0971 or 888.272.5437
    Fax: 740.282.8361
  • Eastern Gateway Community College

Eastern Gateway Community College provides higher education and career preparation for residents fo Jefferson County and the surrounding area. This public, two-year institution provides programs and courses to meet the specific needs of students seeking career-oriented education for job placement, general studies education for transfer purposes, continuing education instruction for job enrichment and advancement, and community education courses for personal interest. Training also is provided to meet special requirements identified by the business and industrial community.
740.264.5591 or 1.800.682.6553

  • Jefferson County Joint Vocational School
    Jefferson County Joint Vocational School has Adult Education programs which serves all communities in Jefferson County. The program is offered for two sessions a year and offers a variety of career enhancement courses.
    Fax: 740.264.3144
  • Jefferson Metropolitan Housing Authority
    Management of low-income housing programs throughout Jefferson County.
    Low Rent Public Housing: 781 apartments, contact leasing office for applications, 815 N. 6th St. JFK Bldg. 282-0994 Ext 42 & 43.
    Section 8 Vouchers: Approximately 818 vouchers, contact Section 8 office, 815 N. 6th St. Steubenville. 740-283-7967.
    Family Self-Sufficiency Program: Approximately allocation of 100 families in Section 8 and 15 families in Public Housing. For saving accounts, career, home ownership and more contact 905 N. 6th St. 282-7999.
  • Jefferson Behavioral Health System
    A full service mental health and drug and alcohol treatment facility that offers services to adults, children and families.

These organizations meet regularly to plan the business of the OhioMeansJobs Center. Partners are co-located in the Job Center at least some time each month, or else they are readily available through email, telephone, or fax. The partners have created a system of referrals and information that allows the smoothest streams of service possible for those customers who may need the assistance of more than one entity.

The WIOA Program itself is operated by the CAC, with the Adult, Dislocated, and Youth programming all under one roof. Jefferson County DJFS is our Workforce Development Agency, and is in control of WIOA funding for the county. They provide technical guidance and resources to aid in the running of the program. WIOA works very closely in collaboration with EGCC by virtue of having several program participants enrolled there in pursuit of academic credentials. The Youth Program works very closely with BVR for those youth who are eligible, due to their acknowledged expertise with this population. ODJFS is always a part of Dislocated Worker Rapid Response for employer closures or mass layoffs. They work very closely with WIOA to coordinate unemployment benefits with WIOA training dollars.

All programs are available to all partners for informational sessions and planning meetings. We are currently discussing the adoption of one assessment tool for the purpose of streamlining even further the process of cooperative service. We are looking into several tools that may serve all of our needs in whole or in part in regards to required assessments.